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LAAF Travels 

Terms & Conditions

Updated April 28, 2021.

By booking a LAAF Travels trip you agree, understand and are bound by our Terms and Conditions as outlined below. 


In these Terms and Conditions, LAAF Travels LLC is referred to as “LAAF Travels”, “we”, or “us”. “The trip” refers to the LAAF Travels adventure you booked. “You”, “the client”,  and “the participant” refers to the individual who signed-up for, paid for, or desires to participate in a LAAF Travels trip.  The Term “Services” means the services we provide to you including planning, booking, leading tours, provisioning, hiring third party providers of goods and services, and all other similar services.


COVID-19 Policy 


LAAF Travels reserves the right to refuse your participation if you refuse to provide COVID-19 information we reasonably request, or if in our reasonable judgment the information you provide indicates that you could pose a risk to others. LAAF Travels and the other participants are relying on you, as a LAAF Travels participant, to perform self-assessments of your own health prior to participating in and during a trip with LAAF Travels. By booking a trip, you agree to immediately disclose to LAAF Travels any COVID-19-like symptoms. LAAF Travels is not responsible for anyone contracting COVID-19 on any LAAF Travels trips. 


Please refer to our cancellation policy below regarding COVID-19. 


Read the latest information about our COVID-19 response on our website. 


Acceptance of Risk & Associated Risks 


Although LAAF Travels will take reasonable steps to provide you with appropriate equipment and experienced guides so you can enjoy an activity for which you may not be skilled, LAAF Travels has informed me this activity involves real and significant risks. Certain risks are inherent in each activity and cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique character of the activity. These inherent risks are some of the same elements that contribute to the unique character of this activity and can be the cause of loss or damage to your equipment, or accidental injury, illness, or in extreme cases, permanent trauma, disability, or death. LAAF Travels does not want to frighten you or reduce your enthusiasm for this activity, but believes it is important for you to know in advance what to expect and to be informed of the inherent risks. The following describes some, but not all, of those risks.


  • Inclement weather, hazardous terrain, bodily injury, wildlife (including bears, ticks, bees, etc), water-born illness, negligence from others, forest fires, travel to and from start destination, being in remote areas not accessible to medical personnel and far from hospitals and other medical facilities, consuming food that you did not prepare or cook, and property damage.


You acknowledge that LAAF Travels activities entail risk of injury or death to me. You understand the description of these inherent risks is not complete and that other unknown or unanticipated inherent risks may result in injury or death. You agree to assume and accept full responsibility for, and not hold LAAF Travels liable for, the inherent risks identified herein and those inherent risks not specifically identified. Your participation in this activity is purely voluntary; no one is forcing you to participate, and you elect to participate in spite of and with full knowledge of the inherent risks.


LAAF Travels is not responsible for changes or deviations from the itinerary, and any risks to you arising from those changes or deviations, whether changes or deviations are agreed to by you or not. 


Warranty and Limitation of Liability


LAAF Travels warrants that all Services furnished by or through LAAF Travels hereunder will be delivered in conformity with applicable legal requirements and prevailing industry standards. You acknowledge that our trips will be affected by many factors that are difficult to control or foresee, such as weather, fire, flood, availability of facilities controlled by third parties, availability of personnel, scheduling issues, and so on. LAAF TRAVELS MAKES NO OTHER REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF FITNESS THAT THE SERVICES WILL CONFORM TO ANY DESCRIPTION ON ANY WEBSITE OR IN SOCIAL MEDIA, THAT ANY STATED ITINERARY WILL BE ADHERED TO, OR THAT PARTICULAR PERSONNEL WILL BE AVAILABLE AS LEADERS OR GUIDES. IN NO EVENT SHALL LAAF TRAVELS BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR (a) ANY AMOUNT GREATER THAN THE AMOUNT PAID BY YOU TO LAAF TRAVELS OR (b) ANY INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.


Your Responsibilities as a Participant


You acknowledge that trip participation may require a degree of skill and knowledge different from other activities and that you have responsibilities as a participant to refrain from any activity in which you lack the skill or knowledge to participate safely. You acknowledge that the staff of LAAF Travels has been available to more fully explain to you the nature and physical demands of this activity and the inherent risks, hazards, and dangers associated with this activity. By signing up for a LAAF Travels trip, you agree to the below obligations as a trip participant: 


  • Understand the fitness level required for a LAAF Travels backpacking trip and train and prepare accordingly.

  • Bring the gear and clothing specified by us as necessary with you on a trip.

  • Follow hygiene standards such as hand washing to reduce the risk of illness for yourself and other trip members.

  • Follow the backpacking excursion itinerary specified by LAAF Travels including any changes we deem necessary. 

  • Respect other participants and the public with considerate social behavior.

  • Make arrangements for transportation, food, accommodation, activities, etc. that are not included in LAAF Travels itineraries.

  • Follow the general principles of Leave No Trace, as outlined in emails we send you before the trip.


LAAF Travels reserves the right to deny or terminate your participation if your health, behavior, or mental condition disrupts or threatens to disrupt the trip at any point.   


Medical Terms & Conditions 


Prior to coming on a LAAF Travels trip, you are obligated to fill out, sign and send to us a LAAF Travels Health and Medical Form. This needs to be returned to us no later than two weeks prior to your trip, or at our discretion. You must complete this accurately, honestly and provide all medical and health information that we require. Failure to do so by the requested date will be considered a cancellation and LAAF Travels cancellation policy will apply. We will review your submitted form and let you know if any follow-up information is needed. 


LAAF Travels reserves the right to ask you to obtain approval from a doctor if further proof of your health is deemed necessary to join a trip. LAAF Travels reserves the right to deny participation to any participant based on any health concerns. You agree to not hold LAAF Travels or its representatives accountable for your medical conditions- physical, mental, emotional, or otherwise.


You agree that you are physically and mentally fit and able to participate in LAAF Travels activities and you agree to relay any disabilities or health conditions or concerns, whether physical, mental, or emotional, to LAAF Travels prior to coming on trip.


You acknowledge that LAAF Travels trips can be to remote destinations which are far from hospital care, evacuation options and professional medical care, that these services may be limited during some or all of the trip length, and that these services may be costly if needed. You agree to the risks and dangers inherent in remote backcountry travel.


In the case of an emergency evacuation and/or if medical care is required, it is your sole responsibility to pay for these services. LAAF Travels will not pay for your medical expenses. 


LAAF Travels cannot be held liable for your failure to provide and communicate any medical or health conditions. If you do not honestly and accurately reflect your health conditions to LAAF Travels and your health conditions become a problem during a trip, we will not provide reimbursement for any unused Services. We reserve the right to reject your booking if in our reasonable judgment you are not able to safely participate in our trips. We reserve the right to terminate your trip early, and in that circumstance you would not receive a refund.


At any point, a LAAF Travels Trip leader may terminate your participation if you pose a safety risk to yourself or the rest of the group. In the aforementioned circumstance, refunds will not be given. 


You agree to release LAAF Travels from any liability pertaining to your medical care and/or failure to provide medical care. 




You certify that you have adequate medical insurance to cover any injury you may suffer while participating in a LAAF Travels trip, and, if you ‎do not, you agree to bear the medical costs of any such injury.‎ You further certify that you have no medical, physical, emotional, or other condition which could interfere with your safe participation in LAAF Travels activities.


LAAF Travels strongly recommends that you purchase trip insurance that includes emergency medical evacuation.


LAAF Travels is not responsible, monetarily or otherwise, for lost items, damaged items or property, stolen items, flight cancellation, medical care, injury, etc incurred by you before, during, or after a trip and occurring on or off the property on which LAAF Travels conducts the trips.


You understand that payment for any LAAF Travels trips does not include trip insurance and that it is your responsibility to obtain the appropriate insurance to cover the trip. Any risk associated with not obtaining trip insurance is your responsibility. 


Food on Trip


LAAF Travels will do its best to accommodate the dietary needs or allergies of a client WHEN and IF indicated by that client IN WRITING, although we cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor these requests. LAAF Travels may not be able to cater to all dietary needs and it is the client’s responsibility to clearly and honestly communicate any specific needs. LAAF Travels reserves the right to charge additional fees in order to meet any special dietary needs. We will fully disclose such additional charges. 



Trip Leader Authority

Your LAAF Travels trip leader(s) strive to ensure the well-being and safety of all trip participants during any and all LAAF Travels trips. You agree to abide by the instructions and safety protocols laid out by your trip leader(s).

You agree the trip leader(s) is the ultimate decision maker while on trip. Failure to do so may result in terminating your participation in the trip, without any refund.


Diversity and Inclusion

An important aspect of every LAAF Travels trip is making every participant feel welcome, included and supported at every point of the excursion. LAAF Travels has a no tolerance policy when it comes to racists, sexist, big-bodied, or homophobic remarks or actions. Our trips are geared towards female-identifying and non-binary individuals, and transgender women. 


As a participant on a LAAF Travels trip, you agree to be respectful and inclusive of all participants, trip leader(s) and anyone else associated or not associated with LAAF Travels adventures regardless of body size, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, culture, or any other difference you may have with the person. 

LAAF Travels reserves the right to deny or terminate your participation in the trip if you do not follow the above guidelines. 


Payment Policy & Bookings

Your LAAF Travels trip must be booked 14 days or more in advance of the trip start date, or at LAAF Travels discretion.

Payments must be paid in-full 14 days prior to the start date of your LAAF Travels trip. For trips booked more than 14 days in advance of the trip start date, there is the option to pay a deposit fee. 

Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. You must have a guardian sign a waiver. LAAF Travels reserves the right to deny participation to those under the age of 18 at its discretion. 


Cancellation Policy Initiated by Client 


If you choose to cancel your LAAF Travels trip more than 30 days in advance, a full refund will be granted. 


If you cancel between 15 and 30 days in advance of your LAAF Travels trip, 50% of the trip cost will be refunded. 


If you cancel less than 15 days prior to your LAAF Travels trip, you will not be entitled to any refund.

In case you can’t attend a trip that you’ve booked and paid for, you can gift a trip to another person, with 30 or more days' advance notice of the trip departure date and with the approval of a LAAF Travels representative.  


If you want to transfer your booking to another date, you can do this up to 30 days in advance if availability exists on future trips; booking transfers will only be done at the discretion of LAAF Travels. The transfer must be used within the same calendar year.


LAAF Travels is not responsible for any credit card fees. In the case a refund is granted, credit card fees will be refunded by our third party booking platform. 


Unused Services

If you do not use any portion of the Services that you paid for, whether voluntarily or involuntarily (for reasons including but not limited to illness, late arrival, flight cancellation, etc), you forfeit those Services and they cannot be refunded or transferred. 


COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re allowing LAAF Travels participants to cancel their trip at any time due to health concerns over COVID-19. There will be no financial penalty for cancellations due to COVID-19. If you cancel, you will receive a full refund.

We require written documentation stating you would like to cancel your trip due to concerns regarding COVID-19. 


Cancellation/Termination of Adventure by LAAF Travels 

LAAF Travels reserves the right to cancel any trip at its discretion at any time prior to the trip departure date. LAAF Travels will always attempt to provide the maximum amount of notice possible, but it is possible that unforeseen events leading up to a trip departure date could force LAAF Travels to cancel a trip with little advance notice. For example, LAAF Travels may cancel a trip:

  • For force majeure or any other unforeseen event outside of its control. At LAAF Travels discretion, you will be refunded in part or in-full. 

  • In the case that we do not have enough participants for the trip that you are signed up for, we reserve the right to cancel the trip for those dates. In this case, you would have the option to receive a full refund or transfer your booking to another date, space permitting and at LAAF Travels discretion. 


LAAF Travels reserves the right to end the participation of a client during any of its trips as it deems necessary for causes including (but not limited to) disrespect towards other participants or the trip leader(s), intentionally or unintentionally creating unsafe situations, reckless conduct, not following the trip leader(s) direction and safety protocols, etc. In any of these scenarios, the participant would not be refunded for any portion of the trip.


LAAF Travels is not responsible for expenses that you, the participant, incur while planning for a trip, including but not limited to gear, flights, medical exams, etc. and is not responsible for any cancellation fees or lost expenses.

LAAF Travels is not responsible for refunding any related trip expenses, such as permits, flights, gear, medical expenses, or any other costs incurred to prepare for a LAAF Travels trip. 


Client Privacy


LAAF Travels values the privacy and security of our clients. We have implemented substantial measures and safeguards to protect personal information that you provide to us whether on the LAAF Travels website, our contact forms, via email, over the phone, or elsewhere.


LAAF Travels uses the information that you provide for purposes of (but not limited to) completing your trip booking, to send you information that you request, to provide you the trip services outlined in the itinerary, or for other services pertaining to LAAF Travels trips. Any of these items may require LAAF Travels to provide your information to a third-party.


LAAF Travels uses the services of Wix for the design of our website. Any personal information that you provide on our website is stored via Wix. Please review the privacy policy at Wix before you provide us with your personal information.

LAAF Travels uses the services of WeTravel for a more seamless experience in booking your trips. Please review the privacy policy at WeTravel and Stripe before you provide us with your personal information.


You acknowledge and agree that any personal information that you provide to LAAF Travels which includes your name, email address, phone number, health or medical information, or any other identifying information, is done so willingly and with the knowledge that we may provide it to a third-party for the purposes outlined above.





You agree that any photos or videos obtained during your LAAF Travels trip can be used at our discretion for purposes of marketing on our website, social media, in brochures or any other marketing materials without additional permission from you. 


You agree that if you write a trip review and submit it to LAAF Travels, you give us permission to use it at its discretion, including (but not limited to) using it on the LAAF Travels website. LAAF Travels also reserves the right to not use a review that you submit at its discretion.



Pricing Trips

LAAF Travels reserves the right to change the price of any trip at any time prior to your payment for such trip. 

Any discounts or reduced pricing towards LAAF Travels trips are applied at our discretion. 


Trip Changes


The nature of adventure travel is that things change and we have to remain flexible. Whether due to weather, natural disaster, political instability, disease outbreak, etc, LAAF Travels will do its best to notify you of any changes to the itinerary ahead of time. You acknowledge that timely notification is not always possible. Some changes will occur in the moment with your safety, security, and well-being in mind. As a trip participant, you agree to any changes, whatever the cause and will not hold LAAF Travels liable for those changes to the itinerary. You also agree to remain flexible and trust that LAAF Travels will do its best to stick to an itinerary. Changes may also occur if the group, including the LAAF Travels trip leader(s), decide to alter their plans whether for safety or for fun.




If you are not satisfied with any aspect of your trip, we want to hear about it so we can improve the experience. If you have a complaint regarding your LAAF Travels trip, it is your responsibility to discuss it with your trip leader(s) as soon as it occurs so that they can try to remedy the matter. If the matter cannot be resolved, you can write your complaint to within five days of your trip ending so that a LAAF Travels representative may try to remedy the dissatisfaction.


LAAF Travels cannot be held responsible for any third party description of our trips on social media or otherwise.



Client Payments

To protect all LAAF Travels bookings, all payments received for the LAAF Travels backpacking trips will be deposited in a Trust Account with Verity Credit Union in Seattle. The LAAF Travels, LLC Trust Account is regulated by banks and independently audited. The payment fund is held in trust until the adventure is complete or until the services included in the adventure have been paid for by LAAF Travels, whichever occurs first. 



Washington State Law

The laws of the State of Washington will govern this agreement. If any part of this agreement is deemed unenforceable, such part shall be given the maximum effect permitted by applicable law, consistent with the intent of this Acknowledgement.


Dispute Resolution 

Any dispute arising in connection with services provided by LAAF or in connection with this Agreement shall be submitted to the courts of the State of Washington sitting in King County, Washington. Participant irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of such courts.


Updates to the Terms & Conditions

LAAF Travels reserves the right to make changes, amendments or updates to its Terms and Conditions at any time. It’s your responsibility to stay up-to-date on its contents. LAAF Travels Terms and Conditions can be found on its website at

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