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Backpack in the North Cascades this summer 2021!

We're all about getting women together in the outdoors and eating good food.

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Outdoor adventure

We want to take you higher (like the disco-era song)! Our women's adventure tours aim to push you outside of your comfort zone with the encouragement and support of a group. You can expect to learn, grow and recharge from our time in the woods.

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Unique food experiences near Seattle 

At the end of each adventure day, we sit down to share stories and to nourish ourselves. Food unites us and gives insight into other cultures. It also tastes really good when you've been hoofing it up mountains all day. 

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Authentic connections

Just like your bra straps, it's the connections that hold us up. There's no better way to get to know someone than around a camp stove or hiding from the rain, You'll lean on each other literally and figuratively throughout our women's adventures.

Katie & Megan

Our story

We aim to give women and femmes the skills and confidence to get outside, and to see the world along the way. 

Our mission

On our women's adventures, we seek to challenge ourselves and to leave the stereotypes behind. We share our passion for good food and wild places. And we do all of this with a supportive group of women who encourage each other and above all, make each other laugh!


Our values

Yes, we are for women. However, we aim to be inclusive in how we use the word “ladies.” Our LAAF Ladies come in a variety of shapes, sizes, ages, sexual orientations and identities. What we do require of you is an open mind and positive vibes!

Our guided backpacking trips near Seattle focus not only on reaching peaks, but being good stewards of our environment. We teach Leave No Trace principles and fuel ourselves on good food.

Read more on who our trips are for here

 LAAF Travels Adventures 

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Your next LAAF adventure

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Seattle area women's adventures

For the beginner or experienced hiker looking for community and adventure in the Pacific Northwest. This is our series of summer backpacking trips in the North Cascades National Park.


International adventures

We've got more than just ideas for international adventures on the horizon- we've got plans in the works! But we won't get too ahead of ourselves. For now, we'll say that we're planning some excursions oversees that take our LAAF adventures to the next level! 

Our adventures - home

 I figure if a girl wants to be a legend, 

 she should just go ahead and be one. 

 -Calamity Jane 

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